Hybrid Web App

Fort Point Design

This app was a collaborative effort with a research group at Dartmouth. The app is a tool to be used as a supplement for those engaged in supported employment who need encouragement and tips for self management on the job. The app has automated reminders, daily interactions, and a variety of tools such as text reminders, customized task lists, and a notepad for to help give the user the independence to support themselves. The user can set weekly goals for themselves, check in after every work day, and review their weekly progress and get feedback on their goals. On tough days, they can view motivators and read tips and skills to use to help them in the moment.

One of the main challenges and goals of this project was to make something that people wanted to interact with every day. The app doesn't work unless the user is performing check-ins and logging data consistently. We chose a bright, friendly pallet to add warmth and differentiate the sections of the app. We also chose the most straightforward, easy to use layouts for the check-in process, only asking one task or question on each screen and using large, clear user controls including colorful buttons that feel gratifying to interact with. 


Project Roles

  • Review and revise specification documents
  • Information architecture
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Prepare Designs & Assets for Development
  • QA Testing