CSET Supported Employment Dashboard

Custom CRM Tool

Fort Point Design

The CSET Supported Employment Dashboard is a custom CRM tool built for a research group at Dartmouth. It is designed to assist Employment Specialists in managing their caseload. The dashboard would replace their current paper system and centralize all information for each client in their database, as well as monitor and share the status of their business contacts with the rest of their agency.  There are three main sections to this Dashboard, the Client Dashboard, which manages the client database; The Job Development Tool, which manages contacts and relationships with businesses; and the To-Do list,  a tool for the employment specialist to manage their tasks.

The main challenge of this project was information architecture. At the beginning of the project I was presented with a set of isolated tools that needed to feed data into one place. Instead, I pushed the team to combine all of these separate tools into one dashboard to make things easier and more centralized for the Employment Specialist. Within the Client Dashboard, more than 5 tools and features are accessible from a client's profile. The diverse sets of information about the client is collected and displayed all in one place.  We used the same structure to organize the Job Development section of the tool, where each business has all of the information, job opportunities, and actionable items available in a consolidated profile.

We also collaborated with the team at Dartmouth to incorporate features that make the process more automated and streamlined for the end user such as built in reminders and goal setting, and being able to tag a business or job opportunity to a client they think might be interested or qualified. 


Project Roles

  • Project Management
  • Information architecture
  • Review and revise specification documents
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Prepare Designs & Assets for Development
  • Multiple rounds of UX feedback and QA testing